Painted Hooves


  1. Abby Flanagan
  2. Alex Boeschenstein
  3. Alexandre Pépin
  4. Andrew Skoda
  5. Anna Teiche
  6. Anthony Rundblade
  7. Ariel Wood
  8. Austin Swearengin
  9. Bee Gray
  10. Brendan Shea
  11. Emma Rossoff
  12. Helen Jones
  13. Jesus Trevino
  14. Joy Scanlon
  15. Kerry Maguire
  16. Leah Shirley
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︎Painted Hooves
Many horse owners paint their equine hooves before a big show. There is some debate about what shows require this amount of care (regionals or just nationals) and which polishes are best (clear Ultra Hoof Polish or Twinkle Toes). Still, this act of preparation resonates with the absurdity and anticipation involved in a large group exhibition.

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explores ideas of impermanence, emptiness and non-attachment to celebrate an immediate and fundamental joy of painting that calls for a refusal of hierarchies within the practice. Against the great and noble, and also against the cynical, his distemper and oil paintings are attempts to reconcile everyday experiences of happiness, inspiration and beauty to ones of desire and suffering. In search of acceptance and equanimity, his paintings engage queerness as a profound spiritual experience.


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