Painted Hooves


  1. Abby Flanagan
  2. Alex Boeschenstein
  3. Alexandre Pépin
  4. Andrew Skoda
  5. Anna Teiche
  6. Anthony Rundblade
  7. Ariel Wood
  8. Austin Swearengin
  9. Bee Gray
  10. Brendan Shea
  11. Emma Rossoff
  12. Helen Jones
  13. Jesus Trevino
  14. Joy Scanlon
  15. Kerry Maguire
  16. Leah Shirley
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︎Painted Hooves
Many horse owners paint their equine hooves before a big show. There is some debate about what shows require this amount of care (regionals or just nationals) and which polishes are best (clear Ultra Hoof Polish or Twinkle Toes). Still, this act of preparation resonates with the absurdity and anticipation involved in a large group exhibition.

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approaches painting as a practice of mirroring. A painting can imitate a form through illusion, but it can also imitate a psychological position. Shea’s work communicates feelings of wanting power, to be taken care of, or the desire to live in a different world. Shea refracts and recontextualizes everyday moments to provide a new lens to look at familiar feelings.

Brendan Shea (b. 1995, Abington, MA.) is an artist whose work explores popular sentiment, affect and the mechanisms of painting. Brendan received his BFA in painting from Maine College of Art in 2018. Currently, he is an MFA candidate at the University of Texas at Austin, where he is a recipient of the David Bruton Jr. Endowment Graduate Fellowship. Shea has exhibited work across the U.S., including Ortega Y Gasset Projects (NYC), Visual Arts Center (Austin, TX.), Grant Wahlquist Gallery (Portland, ME.), B.U. Gallery (Boston, MA.), Good Luck Have Fun (Austin, TX.), SaveArtSpace (Los Angeles, CA.), Able Baker Contemporary (Portland, Me.), SOIL Gallery (Seattle, WA.), and SPACE Gallery (Portland ME.).


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